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Use Cases

The first iteration of Cat-in-a-Box will offer stETH backed loans meaning future references to the yield bearing token will be in the context of stETH.

Cat-in-a-Box offers enhanced utility for stETH in the following ways:

Earn higher yield on their yield bearing assets

When a user deposits their yield bearing asset into Cat-in-a-Box they immediately begin to earn at least 99% of the yield they would normally earn, plus a proportionate amount of the yield generated by the total debt in the system.

Even users who take on a loan can receive higher yield on their over-collateralised portion of their deposit.

Release capital against their staked assets

Mint and borrow boxETH against the stETH at a healthy loan-to-value (LTV) to use across DeFi at any time

Sell your yield-bearing token with added benefits

Users who take on higher than average system loan-to-value debts are likely to have at least a portion of their collateral resolved. These users can be thought of as delayed sellers. These sellers benefit from the following compared to sellers who typically sell using DEXs.

  1. Users receive boosted yield on the over-collateralised portions of their deposits.
  1. Since there is a delay between the taking the loan and having a portion of their deposit resolved there is a time period where the user has the chance to repay (or self-repay!) without selling.

  2. If the peg is below 1:1 when a user takes on their loan, their loan health will improve if the peg recovers. This reduces the chance the user's deposit will become resolved since the incentive to do so is removed from the resolvers. See ‘Resolve’ for more information on resolvers.

  3. Up to 25% of a user's loan can be resolved at any one time. After each resolve the debt user will have a more healthy loan LTV making it less likely to be resolved. The health of a user’s loan improves every time they are resolved, this helps to secure the remaining deposit.

Provide liquidity in the LP

Provide liquidity in the stETH-boxETH pool and earn fee share from the DEX.

Earn protocol fees

Purchase the fee token that can be staked to earn yield distributed from the protocol fees.

Earn profit through arbitraging

Earn profit through arbitrage by resolving other users' debt where their loan has relatively high LTV and where the synthetic is at a profitable market price.

Participate in the protocol by developing and applying your own DeFi strategies.